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Love you More Bracelet with Puffed Heart

$62.00 $55.00
What Months do you need?

Perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, Wife or Girlfriend by adding Birthstone/s for loved ones' birth months!
Great for Mom or Grandma for Mother's Day from all her Children/Grand Children.
Or for your Wife or Girlfriend with the birthstone of the Month you Met or BOTH of your Birthstones.
Details for Bracelet:
❤️ Stainless Steel Silver Infinity Bangle.
❤️ Stainless Steel Round Pendant with Love you more.
❤️ Stainless Steel Dainty Round Pendant with XO
❤️ ONE Birthstone (additional can be added - price will adjust automatically). 

How to Order: 
1.  Select How Many Birthstones.
2. Input the Months you want Birthstones for. 
3. Select Metal Color.