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Grandma's Blessings Bracelet w/ Name Tags

$80.00 $57.00
What Phrase Do You Want ("Grandma's Blessings") ex. Nana's Blessings, Mimi's Blessings etc.

What names do you need? Separate each name with comma.

This listing is for our Precious bangle bracelet for Mom or Grandma with Name Discs you can personalize for your Kids or Grandkids. A wonderful gift for proud Grandmas or Moms AND a great opportunity for families to chip in together for the special Mother in their life!

Designed to be worn individually or stacked with other bangle bracelets. One size fits all.

Available in Silver, Copper, or Gold.
Details for Bracelet:

💗 Stainless Steel Bangle
💗 Pewter Heart Charm
💗 7/8" round disc with 'Grandma's Blessings' (with name of your choice such as, Nana, Meme, Mom Nanny etc)
💗 5/8" Name Disc (additional Discs can be added, price will adjust automatically)






How to Order: 
1) Select the Metal Color
2) Select how many Name Discs
3) List Names in the  'Names' box