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Family Tree Charm and Custom Name Bangle

$109.00 $94.00

What do you want on the Name Disc (Grandma, Nana, Mom, etc)?

What Months do you need?

This bracelet comes with Birthstones you can personalize. A beautiful keepsake, it makes the perfect group gift where all the kids and/or grandkids can chip in to make it a truly memorable occasion! Able to mix and match colors and engrave the name of your choice!

Details for Bracelet:

💗 Stainless Steel Bangle (Choose from Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold)
💗 Tree of Life Pendant (Choose from Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold)
💗 1" Washer with Name of your choice up to 16 characters (Choose from Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold)
💗 Up to 7 Swarovski Crystal Birthstones Included
💗 Standard version can fit wrists 5.5" up to 8.5" - but please note if you want a tighter or looser version in the notes and I can adjust it before sending. 

How to Order: 
1. Select the Color of Bangle.
2. Select the Color of the Family Tree Charm.
3. Select the Color of the Washer.
4. Input what you want the Name to say. 
5. Select How Many Birthstones you need.
6. Input what Birthstone Months you would like.